Ettiene and his team are standing by to assist you with your project whether it be a Muscle Car, Rat Rod, Street Rod or any show stopper project you have in mind!!!!!




Our philosophy is simple:  "to build and help others build the finest looking affordable Rods and Muscle cars of our time!"  

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Ettiene Botma is an artist who just happens to have an all-abiding passion for motorized madness. Ettiene has his hot rodding routes in Kwa Zulu Natal, where he became something of a street rodding legend with a violently modified Morris Minor.


The addition of a V8 engine and some trick suspension mods saw Ettiene run ten-second quarter miles in what was still essentially a street machine. His collection of trophies for drag racing speaks of a long career in petrol-hedonism.


Since 1989 Ettiene has earned a well deserved reputation for providing kits and parts in the Street Rod industry in South Africa!  The idea behind the Street Rod Factory is to offer the classic thirties street rod experience to a customer with average mechanical skills.

The amazing aspect of his cars is that the moulds were largely the product of Ettiene's imagination, as he had no original steel body to work from. The bodies will be in fiberglass, either with 1932 or 1933 detailing, and the Street Rod Factory provides rods in kit form, with all accessories & parts needed to build your dream rod!!


Ettiene is fortunate in having skilled body workers like Nico Fakude & Jeffrey Mathebula to hand-form replicas of The American Dream, tailored to our unique South African requirements.


Just one look at the proportions of Ettiene’s fiberglass Ford recreations tell you he’s got it right. There's that perfectly chopped roofline, the widened mudguards and running boards.  The excellent ripple-free glass finish makes these replica rods a cut above the rest.